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My Wide Blue Seas

Its All About The Journey


Name~ Hokule'a Kealoha

Short Bio~Hokule'a Kealoha is the Nom De Plume of a writer that formerly lived in Hawaii and is now living a life of adventure on the highways and byways of the American South . I am a Born Again follower of Jesus, as well as a wife, mother of cats and dogs,jeweler, entreprenuer, photographer and pilgrim...

Age~ Old enough to know better

Status~ Newly Single after 13 years of marriage,fur mom to the loving and devoted mini ShihTzu doggie Annabelle, born 6-11-2007 RIP 2-25-09, and the beautiful Abigail born 2-14-09

Hair Color~ natural brown/grey

Mood~ I ALWAYS have a mood, try me...

Loving~ Jesus, Hawaii, my furry friend, Abigail, my Pen Pals, Jewelry ,Blogging ,Writing anything,my Ipod,and being outdoors surrounded by my wonderful natural surroundings

Hating~ Boom Box Cars, Earspray, Abuse of Power,

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  • March 28, 2004

    Hawaiian Rules to Live By

    I saw these on the back of a tee shirt on my first trip to Kauaii back in 1998. I realized how true they are and as I saw this on the fridge today I thought that I would post them.

    1. Never judge a day by the weather

    2. The best things in life aren't things

    3.Tell the truth- there is less to remember

    4. Speak softly and wear a loud shirt

    5. Goals are deceptive, the unaimed arrow never missess

    6. He who dies with the most toys...is still dead

    7. Age is reletive- When you are over the hill, you pick up speed

    8. There are two ways to be rich- make more or desire less

    9. Beauty is internal-Looks mean nothing

    10. No Rain...No Rainbow

    "He has shown you, O man, what is good... and what does The Lord require of you? But to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God..." Micah 6:8

    May God help me to do just that.

    March 27, 2004

    The Friday Five Reprised

    This is last weeks Friday Five. I lost them for a while and missed this one. Thanks to Lauren of Pink Post-its on Line for this one Mahalo Nui. Also thanks to my kitty girl Nani for helping me in the office with paperwork and now typing this. She bats pens off the desk and shuffles papers for me. When typing she swats my fingers and trys to get the cursor on the screen. It takes more time when you have this sort of office assistant, but the purrs and the cuddles are great and worth all the extra effort.

    WHAT IF YOU....
    1. ...owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?

    Classic American Cooking, with mixed accents. Sezschwan, Italian, Indian and Middle Eastern. Fresh Meats and Seafood, Pasta and Salads. Great Deserts too, Id have a Pastry Chef.

    2. ...owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?

    Ha! This was easy. Jewelry Store. But I have so many interests that had Hilo needed a Fabric Store, or a Plant store... I might have done that... On the back burner... a Large Sized Clothing Store for men and women, Need that bad here.

    3. ...wrote a book, what genre would it be?

    I have a body of poetry, essays and 24 years of journals. People have encouraged me to write devotionally although I think that would be a bit gritty for publication ....I have thought to write a bio of my father and his life, as well as my own adventures. At this time blogging is a way to write and practice getting my feelings and thoughts out there.

    4. ...ran a school, what would you teach?

    Performing Arts, Music, Dance, Drama_ Id try to get my Belly Dance teacher Tonya Chanis to help me (THEE BEST miss her so much!, and giving up dance was one of my few regrets about moving to Hawaii. )

    5. ...recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?

    Praise and Worship. Have thought about it many times, but its one of those things that I put off too long, now with my voice and my lungs the way they are I don't sing as well as I used to. I regret not doing it when I could have.

    March 25, 2004

    Too Much Stuff

    I enjoyed this article on the hidden costs of excess stuff.

    I know the costs. We shipped over 10,000 lbs of stuff and three vehicles to the island from California. A lot of it was brand new furniture for our home but a great deal of it was stuff from Woody's mother, who had passed away that spring and scads of stuff from my family that I swore that I would go through an sort out but never did. so I am doing that now as I have time and in so doing, contributing to the landfill problem here on the Big Island. I estimate that we have given away, sold or trashed 1/3 of what we brought over. ( this includes Woody's lovely Infiniti M30 that was totaled in an accident and the selling of our big pick up truck).

    But in the giving selling and throwing away I know that we have saved on insuring, management and all the rest. I am sorry that we have such a large house, and the expense of that. (old house 689sf on 5000sft lot new house 1800sft and 1/2 acre of land to mow uggh!)

    As I get older, I can see the value of less is more and having a light touch on the possessions that God entrusts you with. I feel as close to losing all that I posess as I ever have been. I would regret it, but I feel more at peace about it these last few weeks.

    I know that I am in God's hands... at least I remember that tonight... Sometimes I forget.

    Tropic Lighting

    I was again blog surfing... Better than reading our newspaper which is only cut an pastes off the internet, when I came across the Mil Blog, Sgt Hook. I need to stop here and thank the guy that started it all for me with blogs and blogging Lt Smash I have followed Gulf War II through his eyes really and it was always insightful.

    As for Sgt HookI took a read and realized that this guy is a "Brah" an enlisted home boy stationed on Oahu with the 25th IDL, which was deployed this past week for Afghanistan. This is the largest deployment of troops from bases in Hawaii since the Vietnam Conflict, with not just enlisted personnel, but our own reservists from Hawaii as well as American Samoa, and the Marshall Islands. The nickname for the 25th IDL is Tropic Lightning You can check out the 25th on this link. There are some great pictures on this site.
    Im linking him on my blogroll so we can follow his adventures on the sand pile.

    I have added a few more blogs to my lists. My thinks to all of the bloggers that have commented on my blog and my writings and have generously placed me on their blogrolls.

    Early night tonight. I have a ton of work to do at the store. Computer trouble there too. I think its the humidity. We have had 14 inches of rain in the Puna district with major flooding and washouts of roads and a small bridge up in Kohalla District.

    March 24, 2004

    There Is Light...

    ...at the end of the tunnel...

    Woody was hired today for a full time job as a security guard in Kailua-Kona. He will be standing guard at a "transfer station" ie the dump site. He has to make sure that people are not dumping illegal stuff, and are behaving themselves. ( We had a man drag a sick cow and leave her at the dump a month ago. The guard there was the first responder to the tragedy and called the police and held the man under a citizens arrest. The cow died. the guy got a suspended sentence, but that is another days blogging...)Pay is good but we have to work out where he will be staying as they work a 12 hour shift, 3 days a week and its nearly a 3 hour drive from home. He's being paid enough that we may be able to find a place for him to sleep two nights a week. I will miss him the time he is not here but the guard company that hired him also has the contract for the University and the major hotels on this side of the island and felt that with the usual turnover he might get full time work in Hilo in 2-4 months. Another important thing, with all of the security issues in a tourist area, this is a growing job market and one that he will be able to continue to do as he gets older. He will be 55 in July.

    When I saw the uniform shirts in his hand I nearly cried. It is such a relief to know that he is going to be working.

    We are having more very stormy weather. Over the last 48 hours we have had 8 or more inches of rain and none stop snow on Mauna Kea. Only had two ladies in the store but had a little sale. Something everyday is keeping me going.

    Its going to take ajusting, but I am also thinking that the time away from each other will be a good thing too. Woody gets to see more of the island and he loves that side a lot. Drier, and more desert like which he prefers. I cant take the air pollution there or we'd have likely moved.

    Now if I can just keep the lights on till the paychecks start coming in.

    March 23, 2004

    One Year Later

    "Peace is more than just the absence of war. True peace is justice, true peace is freedom. And true peace dictates the recognition of human rights."
    ... Ronald Reagan, September 22, 1986

    I missed the one year anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom. If any of you have any doubts about the mission, about the "rightness" of our President's decision, or the value of lives sacrificed, then you must take the time to read Iraq at a Glance Dr. Ayc has wonderful photos and commentary about the work being done by the coalition Forces.

    The Media and the Left are a pack of liars. The Spanish have shamed their blood and their proud history ( I am 25% Iberian) and crawled like worms in the face of the murderers. Force only understands a Greater Force. Love is not backing down or giving in, its standing up for Right and Truth and what you believe in. They voted out of fear instead of out of right thinking and ousted a good man from office and allowed the terrorist to control their destiny. Its very sad.

    Its sickening to hear about how Israel murdered a " religious leader" What "faith"? In a gun or a bomb, he taught that sort of faith. Faith in false promises that if you strap a bomb belt on and blow yourself up, you will go right to heaven....(I can guarantee that is NOT where you will be going if you believe that!) Israel took out one of the worst terrorist leaders around. I wont be sorry if a certain man in Ramallah doesn't go out in the same way either.

    I like what I read on a blog today "Should the Arab World put down their guns there would be peace, Should Israel lay down its guns there would be no Israel." The same is true for us in the United States and its ALWAYS been true. It takes courage to be the greatest nation on earth, but it is also a great responsibility...

    For us to remain the Land of the Free, we must also be The Home of the Brave.

    "You are guided by water..." Quizilla reprised

    While blog surfing, I came upon a blog with a photo of a tornado lodged in its body. Intrigued by the quiz, I took it and here it is. Im hoping to encourage a certain blogger to try it out...

    You are guided by water. You are generally calm and
    peaceful, but you can be very destructive
    without even realizing it.(Rate my test)

    What force is your soul?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Darn I was really hoping for the twister!

    Yet I think that this is fairly accurate. I am a lover of the peaceful quiet situation and enshew noise to the point of mania. Anybody out there hate Boom Box cars?? I think that the owners of these things should be locked it a small room and forced to endure the BoomBoom bassy subliminals until they are deaf or mad or both...

    I love the peace of East Hawaii, but have a lot of trouble with the everyday noise of people as it is so much louder here... I can remember one night early on in our sojourn here thinking..." Will whoever that is with the noisy car shut up so I can sleep!!" Friends, that raspy almost subsonic rhythmic sound was my own labored breathing...That's right. I grew up and lived most of my life near a raised 8 lane highway, and busy city streets so I have always had a certain level of background noise...For example, the area where I lived before was on the flight path for LAX, here there is no commercial air flights over the area unless a airtour helicopter makes a wrong turn or is in trouble.... I have a large fountain suitable for a garden in my entry way that runs day and night to deal with the lack of background noise as well as the kitties love to play in it and drink out of it... Like having a running stream in your home.

    This is a real struggle for me. The Band People next door are not nearly the problem of the across the street neighbors, who can have as many as 50 people over and you only know it cause there are so many cars on the lawn and around the block, but the stereo has a preset bass that goes Boom ba boom all day and is maddening. They don't understand the problem and are great other wise...A barking dog can be heard here in Puna on a clear night up to two miles away. We can hear the next door neighbor's toilet flush at night. the house is up on pilings 20 feet and is 50 feet away from our lot. They could not believe it when we told them.

    I broke my moratorium on credit cards and ordered a white noise machine for my office and if it works, one for each of the major rooms of my house. the sounds of swooshing air will drown out the ghetto blasting sound pollution of our 'aina (land) and hale (house).

    I think its Change of Life.... Woody is understanding but nearly deaf so he cannot hear the problem.

    Woody is still looking for work and he has a few leads, but they are for jobs that pay marginally. He is now pursuing work in Kailua-Kona on the West side of the island, with various security firms, in hotels and at the airport. Once he gets something then we will have to arrange for him to stay somewhere for the 3-4 days a week he will be there. Its going to be hard but I know that God is in control and He will provide a way for us.

    The shop did well last week and really well the last three days... Should this be the "norm" in the new location, Woody wont have to go to Kona. We could live off the sales of the business. That was the plan and our hope.

    March 22, 2004

    "In My Own Little Corner..."

    ...in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be...." From "My Fair Lady"

    I always sympathized with Eliza Doolittle. Spent my life with older men that were always trying to remake me into what they wanted me to be. I think that I am more my own person than I have ever been before, and this is a good thing.

    You are Eliza Dolittle!
    Oy say! You're Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady.
    You used to be a draggle-tailed guttersnipe,
    but you've magically been transformed into a
    refined young lady. You're honest,
    hard-working, and loyal to your friends - even
    when they're cruel and heartless.

    Which Audrey Hepburn Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    March 19, 2004

    Entitlement Mindset

    ... A Great Big Mahalo (thank You) to my cousin Lyn Kauffman for this link to a CNN news story regarding the University of Hawaii, a public institution, and its preferential treatment of some Native Hawaiians
    (Link was broken and has been removed. The story is that at the University of Hawaii, some Native Hawaiian Students were give special grants or funding specificaly because they are registered Hawaiian's... as of today 3-21-04 the inquiry has shown that the letter if not the spirit of last years rulling by the US Supreme Court regarding such discrimination at Michigan State School of Law was followed... It doesnt change my feeling that all such preferential treatment smacks of racisim)

    This is one of the dirty little secrets of Hawaii. From birth children in Hawaii are taught that depending on your race you can do thus and so...Yes its true. I have heard more racial slurs here than I ever did in California were Im from originally. You would think you were in the 1950's South with an Asian twist to hear this stuff come out of the mouths of little kids...I have actually had these things said to me...

    "If you are Japanese you are best off going into teaching or Civil Service.."

    "Oh, you are Poutuguese? (actually perhaps, many people think so) Where is your farm? Does your husband turn bowls, "(wood working trade)

    "she's Filipino- or Thai- or Chinese- or Korean... They are the best cooks and restaurant owners"

    "Well, you're "Haole" (white) no wonder you are starting your own business for the Mainland Tourists, (not) You will do very well as they will understand you and you understand them and... Well its hard for Malahini (white newcomers to the Islands) to fit in (no kidding)... And you know we are all "Ohana" (family and related) and we tend to take care of our own first. Its our way..."

    No wonder Woody is out of work. He was let go from the Toyota Dealership last year because..." Well, you aren't selling very many cars because you have no contacts and well, you know that so and so comes from a big family and so and so is Japanese and has connections at the University so we are going to keep them and let you go.... Sorry..."

    don't tell me to sue... The judges here are all... You guessed it Japanese and race based suits don't have the chance of an ice cube in hell, cause you guessed it everyone is everyone's auntie or uncle here...

    How does this happen in an America of "Equal Opportunity"? It starts young. The public schools here are a disgrace, considering We spend nearly $11,000 a year per student. Only 30 cent of everydollar makes it to the classroom. We have the only state run school system with no local school districts, or locally elected school boards. There is little incentive for improvement in a system that rewards the status quo with high paying jobs perks and the best retirement system around.

    If you are at least one quarter native Hawaiian and registered in the official register as such you can qualify for the elite Kamehameha Schools
    Set up as a part of a larger system which includes the prestigious Punahou School , The Kamehameha Schools are funded by the private trust of the last descendent of the Hawaiian Royal family the Princess Beatrice Pauahi Bishop. The trust that funds this is the largest private trust in America and is said to be worth over 15 billion dollars.

    The education you receive there is top notch, filled with attention to character building and moral values. Most go there nearly free of charge and you must be part Hawaiian to get a slot there. It is said that other races can qualify but there never seems to be room for them.

    So the Kam Schools kids learn among other things that the race card is the one to be played to get to the better things in life in Hawaii.

    These policies have been challenged a number of times and they are up held in the courts here. These totally discriminatory policies are laid out in this document A lawsuit brought on behalf of a boy that was adopted by Native Hawaiians was settled out of court this year with the boy being allowed to stay in school. Another one was settled in favor of Kam Schools, because of past injustices to Native Hawaiians and that the schools no longer take Federal Funding. I dont understand how this can go on... If women can go to The Citadel, and blacks can enter the Virginia Military Institute, the a Haole can go to Kamehameha School.

    I think its an injustice to Native Hawaiians to cater to them as though they are not capable of self sufficiancy. I also think it is an injustice to teach children that the content of their character is less important than the color of their skin. There is nothing in the Princesse's Will that states that children are to be excluded for any reason and there is enough money in the trust to educate Hawaii's children in perpetuity. I think that changing the policy to be inclusive rather than exclucive would go a long way to healing the wounds of the past and create a Hawaii that can meet the challenges of a new generation.

    3-22-04 As a post script... On everyone of Woody's job apps for these guard positions, they ask " what is your race?" I told him please do not answer that, and the question is illegal to ask. Its like asking me if I am pregnant or going to get pregnant prior to an interview. I think it is sickening and where is the ACLU??

    March 17, 2004

    The Wearing of the Red

    Today is St. Patricks Day. I admire Patrick. The legend is that Patrick was a young Roman aristocrat that was captured by the wild Irish tribes and hauled away as a slave. He escaped a few years later, and returned to his family. Some time later he converted to Christianity. Burdened for his fellow captives and his captors he returned to Ireland and preached, and was well received. So well that the island was converted to Christianity in a generation. His work may have well saved Western Civilization as the monasteries that were established there were central in the preservation of learning and history in the early part of the Middle Ages.

    But I am not wearing Green today. Not because Im not Irish, I likely am. One has only to look at my fair green eyed Mother, or my family tree of Southerners, cotton growing share cropping hard scrabble farmers all. Likely Scots Irish Ulstermen that came to this country in the early 1800s for a better life...

    And not because Im not Catholic. Im not wearing Protestant Orange, nor do I follow in that mindset. I feel that England abused the Irish, just as we have abused the Hawaiians and stolen their lands, but there is no turning back the clock. Its done now. Fighting, bombing and other violence wont change the hearts hardened by hatred.

    Im wearing Red today. Red for the blood of martyrs. Those that died for what they believed in. Those that were murdered for what they believed in. Solders that die in service for their country right or wrong the cause... Duty and sacrifice are always noble.

    Im wearing Red today for the innocents... Children killed by adults, children killed in war as bystanders and as solders themselves... Bystanders caught up in events that were not of their making... On trains, on planes, in office buildings, sleeping in barracks, Olympic compounds and cruise ships. People in their homes and in the market... Misguided children with bombs strapped to their bodies, thinking this is a sure way to god, to fame, out of poverty and shame....

    Im Wearing Red today... For the Underground Church, for the Women living under Islam, for every child that goes to bed sick and hungry in a world that is so full of food and stuff that should we ever put or differences aside we could all be fed and healthy.

    Im Wearing Red today, because it is the color of the Blood of The One, the only one that has the power to set to rights the evils of human affairs and make this world the place it was meant to be....

    March 16, 2004


    Im sure that most of you have seen the bits of "Jesus Junk" wrist bands and key fobs, lapel pins and book bags with the letters "W.W.J.D.?" What Would Jesus Do? Its a bit of kitsch spirituality based on a book by the same name. Its meant to remind us to think about the how's and the whys of what we say and do...but I think that is a bit shallow as "doing" was important to Jesus, but his "being" and the everyday was equally as important and I know that He did all that He did through a close relationship with the Father.

    Did you know that there is an "answer" to W.W.J.D.?... Really what would Jesus
    do? He Fully Relied On God or F.R.O.G.. So if you see a Believer with a little
    frog on you know what that means...

    I am F.R.O.G.ing. Maybe this is the first time I've truly done so. Nothing is my power can change things as they stand.

    Woody went out in the hideous weather yesterday, thinking he'd have the undivided
    attention of whoever he talked to which he did. He is seeing a lot of people and
    maybe something will come of it. I heard on the news that extention of 2003
    unemployment benefits is stalled in Congress. I started to pray and stopped. God
    knows what we need and frankly I need to stop whining and get to work.

    It is so wonderful here at #60 I cant believe it. We are not selling much but we
    are seeing a increase in traffic and a better quality of people (that sounds so
    nasty but how else do you say it)sales will come. Putting some items on sale and resurrecting the discount case we had last summer...Did you all check out the photos
    in the snapshots page?

    I have my system back, but it will be a while before its... Well its never going
    to be the same and thats another thing I need to quit complaining about too. I
    found myself looking for things to be thankful for at home yesterday. My
    Mother's seeming contentment...(she tricked them into letter her go out
    unescorted, she went all over Bellflower on her scooter... I found myself
    smirking as she described her adventures. To the camera shop, closed out of
    business, to Johnson's Jewelers, my best example of being a great jeweler, I
    think Kevin and Ron watched out for her as she went up and down the Blvd. and to
    lunch at Salazars. Little Escapee, she was, from the asylum ...)Food stocked up in the pantry, most of the bills were up to date last month...Cats are fat and furry and more loving than ever as if they sense the growing anxiety of the situation...("No, Makkie we are not going to have to live under a blue tarp"... Nani would enjoy it, little wild
    thing that she is... a survivor... Mak would die of fright...)Im weary but not
    ill and my teeth seem to have let up on me, and dont hurt as much.

    Woody just drives me crazy...so what else is new? He has the childlike faith and
    I am... Well... Its like this

    When things were melting down at the Calvary Chapel and I got kicked out of
    ministry, the man that could re-instate me (the guy I lead worship with for 7
    years, who gave me away at our wedding and has known Woody since they were 8)
    said "Aletha, your problem is that you have no faith... When my kids were
    little, they'd run in and ask for a PB&J and run back outside and not think
    twice about it, they knew I'd get it for them. God is the same way...Why cant
    you trust Him and wait?" (He didnt understand the pressures that I was under by
    other staff and church members. I was ill to the point of dying and the rope in
    a tug of war called a "church split"...) I looked at Ron and said... "No, you were a
    great Dad.... When I was little, and came in and was hungry I knew better than to
    ask, because it would be forgotten in the press of surviving day to day in our
    home... so I would push up a chair and climb up to get the peanut butter myself,
    make my own sandwich and often two, one for later, cause you never know how
    things are going to be "later"...I thought that God was the same way my parents
    were and by the time I was 10 had given up on Him because nothing improved in my
    life no matter how much I prayed. It took an audible voice Experience from God
    at 27 to change that mindset..."

    Ron Bloom later told me that shook him to the core and he realized that he never
    really knew me at all and that no one else in that church really did either after working closely together for all of those years... Woody doesn't know me either. He had easy PB&J's too...

    Time for Woody to push that chair up and time for me to learn to wait. Im too old
    for this...

    I think what made me mad was that he doesn't think that he has to do this. If he
    had wanted to be a Dad and I said no after we were married, It would be the same
    thing. Am I old fashioned or wrong that Husbands should "Husband" and Wives
    should "Wive"...Let me know as I have had some interesting feedback from friends
    on this.

    I have another "Grandma" with broken jewelry. We actually repaired this piece already. There is no visible reason for the stone to keep falling out of this ring. Giving her credit right away. That lady Candy is another story and I have no idea how to make that work out. No one wants to work on that and she doesnt want credit just the piece whole again...

    Got to stop and go back to work. I have 500 items that I bought that need to be
    inventoried and tagged. I had some funds separated for this buy. No Stock No
    sales no store...

    Thanks again for all the kind words of encouragement. They mean a lot to me. I am researching some things to blog about the island and will have time maybe to do somewritng at home now that my system is up at the house.

    March 15, 2004

    Its a miracle...

    Im writing this from the PC at home we're finally up and running. The young man that came by said that Dell had no business telling me that all was lost, I should never have reformatted prior to a tech coming out. I am now a furious opponent of outsourcing. I know in my heart that it was a language problem that caused this disaster....

    IM trying to look on the bright side, at least the beast is running....My mentor and friend Kathy Hammes at the Small Business Development Network, told me to cheer up that she loses everything all the time and frankly she has come to see it as "a bit of spring cleaning for her hard drive." I have learned that once burned shame on them twice burned shame on me. I will do something about backing up the store computer, and will always back up the inventory on this one. I doubt that this HD will ever see the volume of stuff on it that it once had.

    Wanted to smack Kathy for that one, but I love her dearly and so just stuck my tongue out.

    March 14, 2004

    A New Visibility

    We are gettting much more traffic at the new location which is great. I took some pictures, they are not too hot but at least you all can get a bit of an idea of how the shop looks. they are in my snap shots if you want to see them

    March 12, 2004

    Who's In Charge?

    It was a hard day for me and I am sure a harder one for Woody, who acts like he is going through life picking daisies and singing "tra-la-la-la-la". He picked up he last paycheck from the storage place...and has nothing lined up. He was given some leads but he told me that "he would follow them up next week...". He has become like the men here or the guys that I knew while in the ministry, when it comes to working...always.. "Yea I will pray about it and/or think about it." Tomorrow becomes the next and the next day. Its going to bite him in the butt I think soon, or kill me in the process, from sheer nervous tension.

    One of Woody's pet peeves is my family. My alcoholic, workoholic father...My co-dependent, controlling scheming mother...My do nothing amount to nothing brother and my life which he sometimes denigrates as he compares it to his own. "When I was this age I was doing this or that"... I remind him that before I was 26 I had been the daughter of a mad genius, married to a mad genius, had a business and a career, and was considered by many to be the most enviable of women. It meant nothing and was nothing... I had at that time only a "head knowledge" of God. Once I became a Christian, thats truly when what I did in life had value...

    I also learned that if you want something you have to go out and get it yourself. Story of my life. I have "Prayed and Worked" my whole life...Know I am stuck dependent on someone who promised to help and take care of me but sees that as a burden too hard to bear and that I am wrong to expect my husband to be the provider. Its horrible, shameful, un-biblical and frightening. Thank God we don't have kids... I am not sure what to do other than pray and hope that Woody does more than look at the paper and complain about the overt racism here.

    I have been tempted to scream at God, "how could YOU do this to me?" I haven't yet and I read this devotion by Elisabeth Elliot today and I was encouraged to try to stay calm in the middle of the storm.

    The people of Israel complained loudly against Moses for having brought them out into a wilderness where there was nothing to their liking. "Better to have died in Egypt!" they said.

    "It was the Lord who brought you out," Moses told them(Ex 16:6-8). "It is against the Lord that you bring your complaints, and not against us."

    When we are angry or offended, let us be careful to note where our real complaint lies. This person who insults me at the office or on the bus, this husband who rides roughshod over my feelings, this insensitive individual who does not understand or appreciate me--is he not one whom God has put in my life for my good? Who, after all, is really in charge?

    Let us beware of rebellion against the Lord. Circumstances are of his choosing, because He wants to bless us, to lead us (even through the wilderness) out of Egypt, that is, out of ourselves. Settle the complaint with God, and it will settle other things. Be offended with God, and you will be offended with everyone who crosses your path.

    I know that God wanted me to marry Woody. I know that God wants us in Hawaii and I also know that you often go through trials that are not really about you but about someone else. I am learning in all of this but I know that this is the first time Woody has not had anything to fall back on and that at 55 he has to stand on his own two feet and make this work. I can only do what I am doing and nothing more.....

    Woody can replay for Unemployment in late April. No more extentions are in the pipeline. I have no reserves from the business and spent all of my savings on the move to Waianuenue...

    Im just glad that Its not cold here.....

    March 11, 2004

    Well... Finally

    It looks like there are some rays of hope on the horizon for me and my life on the information super highway. I was off the air for a week while Verizon was trying to decide why I didn't have DSL service. I still had the phone and the alarm so I was still in business but it was a royal pain. Finally they sent a tech out and low and behold a problem in their office... Thank you and I can now get on with my computing life at the store.

    At home we are still in a running feud with Dell. For some reason known only to God above they cant get rid of our old phone number of the Timeshare where we stayed when we first moved over here in 2001, and where we were when we ordered the computer. I know that I have changed the number when on the phone with them a number of times and Woody has as well. So the tech gets our service call and calls Paniolo Greens in Waikoloa,(on the other side of our island) and he or she thinks this is a prank or something and closes out our trouble ticket. On and on it goes. I am ready to ship the darn thing back and tell them something rude...Mr. Computer Fix It Man is coming next week. I will be waiting with baited breath.

    Many events many things going on. March 6 was my 42nd birthday and we celebrated it in the usual style...not. We were at the store and that was a gift. Everything is really pretty and things are in good order. All I need is a few more customers and all will be well.

    We did go to dinner at Luquins of Guadalahara We don't normally go into Pahoa on saturday night as it is a bit rowdy... but civilization is coming and we found it boisterous but not unpleasent. Had a nice dinner and went home.

    We reopened the shop officially March 9. I have a trickle of business... its sort of like starting over, except we do have some of the legwork done, advertising in Drive Guide and This Week I have had more coupons for free charms here... Think that we are more accessable, with having the parking lot near by.

    Woody has had that job at Hilo Self Storage up until friday. He's gone out every day and looked for something new. I know that he is trying and its hard to watch him struggle. I was speaking to a friend and he said that its "His age is against him, his weight is against him and his race is against him..." I find it so strange that we are dealing with RACE of all things .... Its hard to believe.

    We are actively looking for a bench jeweler to set up here in the store. We have had some interesting possibilities. One is a carver of traditional Hawaiian Heirloom Gold, named Ash Kanahele, the other is a former benchman from LA, now working as a handyman and cabinet maker. He was originally from NY and is as rough around the edges as they come...also, he knows way too many people and too much gossip...(men are worst gossips than women, I think...) doesnt bode well. Woody likes him and in a way I do too. I have always had a yen for dangerous men. His tools are on the mainland and getting them here may be a challenge. I have no desire or money to set up someone or pay them as a employee. I was hoping that my future bencher would be self employed. I have plenty of room and perhaps having a tough guy in the store would be a good thing.

    I hope and pray for more business soon. I have no reserves and I have nothing left in the bank account. It cost me twice as much to move as I thought that it would, but then that is how things are. I just hope I can scare up enough to pay the rent April 1.

    The weather has been glorious here. We did have a bit of a storm blow in but all it was was wind, clouds and high surf. My little sign swings in the steady breezes that swoosh off Hilo Bay. Walk out my door and look to the left and you can see that beautiful water and a Hui (line or group) of surfers picking up rides on the high surf. Its a lovely place to be.

    March 10, 2004

    Somebody's Mom

    The Jewelry sales guru, Shane Decker says "If you have to tell somebody "no", or something negative, try to think how you would say it to your Mom or your Grandma... chances are that you will frame the statements in a whole different way. " Its true. Would we would tell those dear ones.."Gee thats not my department... You cant do that...I couldnt possibly, whatever... NO NO NOT ON YOUR LIFE!... Hardly.

    We are having a taste of this with a customer right now. Her name is Candy. She is a Grandma, a young one. She is nearly a street lady but has a job as a waitress full time. She just doesn't make a lot of money, and stays with friends. Candy has had a hard life, and has known few comforts.

    Since last summer, Candy has been looking at a piece in our window, a 5 carat natural emerald cross. Yes, the Emeralds are not very good, but they are green and sparkle, The mounting is a bit light but it seemed ok. And I loved it so I bought it for the shop. Candy fell in love with this birthstone cross and "visited it" often. So when she called me to say that she had her tax money and she wanted it I couldnt say no, even though we were closed and in the middle of the move. She was so blissfully happy, I cried. It doesn't take much effort sometimes to make people happy.

    Well, I wish that was the end of the story which of course its not or I wouldn't be blogging about it. Candy called me up over the weekend. I didn't get a chance to call her back, so she came in...Stricken in face.

    Candy was heartbroken when she pulled out of her pocket (I groaned inwardly) the cross. It was bent and two stones were missing. As she told her tale of how "she never took it off, showering and sleeping with it on...(cause her"friends"that she lives with would likely steal it) I knew we had a major problem. This was a fragile piece of jewelry never meant for the rigors of wearing life that Candy was subjecting it to. She got a killer deal on it as we got it for not a lot of money,as part of a group lot. I contacted the seller to see if he has another one, but I doubt it. Replacing the stone, and reinforcing the mounting, will cost more than I got from her in the first place.

    Woody got very defensive with her, while I (for once,) was slow to come to judgment. I louped the piece and found no pry marks and no prongs lifted. I managed to push a stone out myself. This may be because this poor thing was so bent. It should have never been in her pocket at all. She found one of the two missing stones in the pocket. I think that is the pieces permanent home when not on her neck.

    I shouched Woody and said that I could see the problem. Candy said that it wasn't cash she was after, she wanted us to some how fix it. When I explained what I thought that would take, she offered to help with part of the cost... That and the extra stone in her pocket showed me that she was not trying to rip me off, but really wanted the piece and wants things to be right.

    Part of it is my fault. I never explained to her how to take care of this delicate object. That is my responsibility. Emeralds should never be worn in the shower or get soap on them, as this removes the oils used to preserve them and keep them from cracking...( This goes for Opals and Aquamarines too). I also never thought to ask her about how she was going to wear the piece. Normally you wouldn't, and that you should keep it in a box or pouch or something other than her jeans pocket.

    Part of this is Candy's fault. She came in today and we talked and she acknowledged that she should have "pampered" it. But that is hard for her to do. I told her that this piece may not be the best thing for her, but we will try to make it right for her. Im taking it to John Adair Saturday and get his opinion on fixing it and reinforcing the mounting so it can take a bit of handling.

    I saw in her face today, the pain of a lifestyle that I know little of. She doesn't "pamper" herself much, and doesn't know how to take care of things. I am grateful that I do know how to look after what is mine and that I have my own place to sleep in at night. Some how I am going to make this right. Not sure how in this town of jewelry stores with no jewelers, and jewelers without Jewelry stores... But surely there must be a way...

    March 05, 2004

    The Friday 5 March 5 2004

    What was...

    1. ...your first grade teacher's name?
    Mrs. McDonald

    2. ...your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?Road Runner

    3. ...the name of your very first best friend? Karen Verhoff, Linda Hilte or Tammy Presley.... dont know who came first

    4. ...your favorite breakfast cereal?
    We ate a lot of Corn Flakes breakfast lunch and dinner

    5. ...your favorite thing to do after school?
    I had a secret place behind the garage that I would hide out and read there. On rainy cold days I stayed in my room with my kitty Smokey...always with a book or two

    March 03, 2004

    The Passion of The Christ

    I have had a lot of email about the film of the above title. "Passion" has been on my radar for about 9 months now. I wondered how it would be received and what the spin would be on it. Here are some thoughts...

    First- Anti Semitism... Its too bad that English is so 2 dimentional. The Koine Greek is clear that the so called "Blood Libel" is focused on the few of the Sanhedrien that held that mock trial and dragged Jesus before Pilate...(going against their own rules and rendering themselves ritually impure prior to passover/the sabbath)... What I think the movie does show is...do you see one Arab/ Palestinian in this film? Is this not a Biblically based account? My friends, The Anti-Defamation League should buy 200 copies of this flick to distribute as it proves that the claim that the Palestinians have always been there is bogus. This film could cause riots, but of a different and more useful kind if you ask me.

    Second-I have read all about the "accuracy"of the film. The blood, the gore. I think that I understand better than a lot of my evengelical counter parts why Mel Gibson meditated on the Passion of Christ and the significance the actual wounding of Jesus body has in the orthodox Catholic faith. I believe that this movie was a way for Mr. Gibson to live out this meditation...to see, to even go back into time and to take us back into time to be a witness to the crucifixion. It is an awsome thing and a necessary thing for some. I know that many many people have been touched by this film. I thank God for that.

    Third- I have meditated on the Stations of the Cross and found that as I did, I began to glimpse a fragment of the suffering of my Lord. However....as I prayed on this I had a strong sense... and maybe even a "showing" if you will... Jesus suffered and died...endured this horrendous death, so I would not have to experience this myself. I dont have to see an actor in makeup depict it... or allow myself to suffer reliving it over and over again as I often do when I see violence in visual media... I close my eyes to battle scenes, like in the Lord of the Rings, I cannot bear it. How could I stand to watch Jesus being murdered so brutally... I could not... and will not.

    I honor Mel Gibson for his courage in bringing the greatest story ever told again to life...He is being rewarded here and will be in the next life as well I think. However I will not be venturing forth to see The Passion...I have already seen it... and my life bears witness to the power of this sacrifice. The Wounds of Christ are the source of my healing and salvation. The are the hope of the world....

    Hokule'a at mywideblueseas@gmail.com

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