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My Wide Blue Seas

Its All About The Journey


Name~ Hokule'a Kealoha

Short Bio~Hokule'a Kealoha is the Nom De Plume of a writer that formerly lived in Hawaii and is now living a life of adventure on the highways and byways of the American South . I am a Born Again follower of Jesus, as well as a wife, mother of cats and dogs,jeweler, entreprenuer, photographer and pilgrim...

Age~ Old enough to know better

Status~ Newly Single after 13 years of marriage,fur mom to the loving and devoted mini ShihTzu doggie Annabelle, born 6-11-2007 RIP 2-25-09, and the beautiful Abigail born 2-14-09

Hair Color~ natural brown/grey

Mood~ I ALWAYS have a mood, try me...

Loving~ Jesus, Hawaii, my furry friend, Abigail, my Pen Pals, Jewelry ,Blogging ,Writing anything,my Ipod,and being outdoors surrounded by my wonderful natural surroundings

Hating~ Boom Box Cars, Earspray, Abuse of Power,

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  • October 31, 2003

    I love you, Hilo

    Im listening to Aloha Joe, and they are playing the song "I love You, Hilo". I love the lines about the morning rain and how it lights up the Puna sky, then the clouds disapere and the rainbow smiles at you. Well it does. I love the land here. The weather and the beautiful skies that are like a pearl in its many colors, shades of blue-grey.

    No sales today. Halloween seems to be on everyones mind. I dont celebrate it so I dont think much about it.

    Some people from California came in. Listening to them and how they are makes me glad that I am here now. I feel like I have mellowed somewhat, my pace has slowed down and I feel more apart of things.
    Woody will be back tonight. I know that he will have tales to tell of his two days in Kona. I look forward to hearing them.

    October 30, 2003

    Toilet papering Hilo Style

    When I was in High School, we would sneek out at night and go toilet papering. You know... redecorate someones front lawn with tons of paper and stuff. Some people got it all the time, others, like us (as my folks would have had a tizzy and beat the living daylights out of us as if we could stop it) never saw it. I had one friend who begged to be papered, she and her folks saw it as a form of saying "you're accepted." We were somewhat of experts and were very creative about it. Janine's parents tooks photos of the job and the snaps got into the year book.

    Im being toilet papered by the females in the up stairs "apartment" above the shop. They throw down rolls of paper and in the stiff Trade Winds we have been having, it blows way out into the street. I dont care for it as its tacky, but people are forced to look at the store by the swirling distraction. I wasnt going to say anything but we nearly had an accident out here on the busy street, when a car swerved to avoid it. I hadnt said anything about it but I did call Darryl and he said hed speak to them. A guy from the building came and cleaned it up. He said that it was a stupid waste of paper and they dont mean nice by it... I know that.

    We have proven that we "have juice" here. Darryl is enforcing the rules and I won a major battle and the fire lane was restriped out here now no one can park in front of my shop so I have great street visibility. To get the county to do anything for you is something. To get it done on time is a major miracle, on par with parting the Red Sea. (Red Tape Sea)... I'm sending the boss of the guy in Public Works a letter of comendation. He deserves it.

    I met a building regular, Curtis today,older man who was very nice and I can tell he is plantation bred as he calls me "missus" as they do when you are a shop, or business owner, or land owner... "Missus Aleka" which is as close to Aletha as Hawaiian gets. T is K so when you see "Kamehameha", it should be "Tamehameha", or "Tahiti" is said as "Kahiki"... anyway he said that the people there are ok just the kids are "smart pants" and all the druggie people Darryl kicks out "they mad at him." I know that is the truth. It was a guy like that that started the trouble last week.

    We have had some lay aways picked up which is great. I wish I had more sales but people are looking so I think I need to change up the store a bit and see if that doesnt help. I had enought to pay a few things and if we have some more sales it would really help.

    I found a ISP that only charges 10.00 a month so I think I will be getting back on line at home soon. That will be nice except that I think we are a lot better off for not being on the internet so much.

    Woody is in Kona for a few days of training at his new job. Yeah he did get hired at that job gifting for Fairfield. Minimum wage and maybe a bonus. It wont be enough. I dont know what we are going to do. But tonight I am going to go home and take a nice shower and relax. Got to get up early so I can get my Internet turned on at home.

    October 25, 2003

    Trials, but a glimmer of light...

    We are in a state of constant change. Yes I know but that doesnt mean that I have to like it. For the last week we are off line at home as Woody didnt see fit to pay the cable bill. Well I failed to pay the mortgage so what....I didnt have the money....at least the lights are on...

    We have had some great sales this week and that is a big help. I hope that the trend continues. If things continue I think I can get a bit ahead... Milton the rep from Steven Lee was in town and he had some great things to show me. Bought enough to scare myself yet if I dont have goods to sell then what will I do? So I have a few fresh things and I think that is all to the good. How I will pay for this is another matter and I will need to address this in the comming weeks ahead.

    Money is a central theme. Woody seems to be nonplused about it all I am at the screaming point. Ye Gods, what next? but I cant change anything right now. ... I got a bit upset when he let it slip that he felt that I was the one in control of our finances... Ha! I asked him why he said that and he backed away quickly.... Well he knows that it is a bald faced lie and that he is in control of a lot of things and if he had been looking for a job sooner we would be far better off than we are now. But I cant make him do anything and sooooo here we are. With no internet I can get a bloody lot of work done on the home system as Woody wont be hogging it playing Neopets.

    The trials of this thing are not just on the home front, but at the store. We are having constant problems with the locals here and their "friends". I say "friends"as what I really mean is the hangers on that hang here and bring their drugs and corruption here. I saw two drug deals go down here in front of the store in the last few days and there are more people going out of this "secure" building than the Prince Kuhio Mall down the road. something is going on in the building, or why the traffic? Reason being is that these "apartments" (I use the term very loosely... cubicles is a better term) have no attraction, other than hotbeds of corruption. I know that we have drugs big time in there and that this is hurting my business. So I have met with the superintendent and he is going to have a talk with the offenders and there has to be a few changes plus they need to have a drug sweep in here. I will be calling the "Neighborhood Police" police guy next week to talk to them about having more patroling going on. The super says they need a guard here full time. I agree.

    Darryl also said that the building is up for sale and the present owners are not interested in anything but selling and that means keeping the place tenanted with whatever will rent here. Uggh! that could also be bad news for me as I may have to move anyway. Better think about that. Start looking for a new place soon...

    I have had two noon times out for lunch and a bit of R and R , which I spent at the bayfront with a little burger and wave watching. The whales have been spotted and they might come into the bay to check things out as they sometimes do. today I watched a group of people who sail these little skiffs, with pretty colored sails. I thought that this might be a fun thing to do But I think that it is a whole lot of work and that that the little craft are a bit more than I could handle on my own.

    It seems that I measure much of my life by..."could I go it alone..." I feel very alone at times, dreadfully so. Its one thing to be alone, when one is alone, but its twice as lonely when you are alone which someone who should be your soulmate. I cant believe that we are so apart on so much. Its dreadful... I pray but I dont think that much will change....

    October 19, 2003

    Friends part 2

    I was thinking this morning that we will be different Monica and I. We have evolved separately, away from each other. I know that she is happily away from Calvary Chapel and into her new church which is a great thing. I know that I have been growing and changing and I think I will be better for her visit.

    Went by and saw Sian at her store Puakenikeni Passions she was soo happy and I am happy for her the place is wonderful. I think that the only direction for that gal is up up up! She is going to do very well for sure!

    Its Sunday and I have nothing spiritual to think about. I think my mind has been on two things. One....How will we go into phase two of Azure Seas...Hiring employees and being more business. I've been flying this thing by the seat of my pants and I think its time to bring in a accountant and get things in order. Taxes and payroll. I need to start to get paid for my work. I have figured out how to do that. Quarterly I would be paid a percentage of the true,after sales expense profits. We shall see how things go.

    The other thing which remotely related to ASJ is that John and I have been exploring a possible new avenue for travel. I stumbled on something I have heard about for many years, but wasn't able to get too much info on...Well I found it on the Internet. It Freighter Cruises. Travel by freighter from place to place. This was how it was done for many years and while Woody and I or just "I" am healthy and active I want to try this. Who knows? Will join the Freighter Cruiser Club and start getting the info on them I want to save up and try to go in the next year or two.

    Maybe I will meet new friends?

    October 18, 2003


    My Friend Monica from the mainland emailed me and asked me if she could come over Thanks giving to stay with us for a while. She is visiting Kauaii with her sister for a week and "since she is in the neighborhood" seriously I am so happy that she wants to come and see us... I have had other friends form the mainland be"in the neighborhood" (like maui) and they didn't tell me till they got home to Cali and then tell me how much fun Maui was... oh well. What really gets me is the couple of people that came to the Kona side even visited the volcano some 30 minutes away and didn't let us know....Did I say friends???? Like I wouldn't drive, cancel plans, or whatever to see someone from my old home...I wonder...

    Woody has had one friend over from Cali. Others came but stayed in Waikoloa, golfed everyday, and lived the highlife that Woody was so fond of before his mother died and the money pipeline was cut off. He didn't even return phone calls. They thought that he was ill. I know that he is embarrassed at his new found penury.

    I think though that he is a better friend. He calls all of these people up and is better about talking to them than I am at calling my Mother. I feel strange about that but that is true.

    I have been so lonely that Monica may never get to leave...Just kidding.

    Did super at the shop. Figured out that we made the biggest over all profits last week. I think. Its because we are selling Steven Lee to the tourists. It makes a huge difference. The pearls are a great profit center. We also sold half of our Roman Glass stock. Will need to buy more. If anyone reading this is interested in seeing some of these things let me know I have pics at the store of them.

    Its Not Easy

    One of my penpals sent this to me and I thought that it was very good

    Its not easy....

    To.... Apologize
    To... Begin again
    To ...Admit error
    To ....keep trying
    To.....take advice
    To....be unselfish
    To .....face a sneer
    To ...be charitable
    To....avoid mistakes
    To....be considerate
    To....endure Sucess
    To....keep out of the rut
    To ....forgive and forget
    To.... think then act on it
    to...profit by mistakes
    To ....make the best of a little
    To...subdue a unruly temper
    To...sholder a deserving blame
    To...recognize the silver lining

    Aloha all

    October 16, 2003

    Is the Tide About to Turn?

    Well, after my chat with Kathy yesterday, I need to have either some really good sales or plan an exit strategy. Yes. Or Woody needs to get a real job, or both.

    I go on him last night and told him that he needs to consider begging for a job from someone as things are going to get pretty nasty. Woody said that he never considered that. Duh...Either beg for a job or beg for change like the other bums around here.

    On his rounds today he went by the Toyota store and on of the guys needed a gift so he brought him over to the store and we had a sale. I also had a really good sale myself so this was a very good day and made of for a lot of bad days we've had.

    The Begging for a job was critical. I just have never seen anyone so not motivated to survive and as I said to Kathy I am not of the mind to rescue him. So much has gone down that makes me not want to do anything.... Sure enough I will have to close the store and go out and get a itty bitty part time job as Woody isn't cutting it. Oh for life in my little house in Bellflower... Yet all that I knew from that life has changed in the last few years. Wouldn't be the same there either maybe worse.

    Woody actually has a job but the is no start date and it is so flaky that I hope he gets a real job... He would be a "gifter" and some time Concierge at the Naniloa. Working for Fairfield Resorts, he would try to get people to drive out to Kona and see the new resort. Pretty tough sell. But it would be more than nothing, which is all we can expect at present.

    October 15, 2003

    The Day of Small Disasters

    Today has been a day of small disasters, from a return of a pair of darling earrings that I know were mutilated or in this case dropped onto a hard surface smashed the fragile glass, to a button popping off my shirt in mid presentation, to my phone being out of order, to my new printer not working. I have Kathy Hammas here in a few which will make things much better.

    My only "sale" was a no sale to a recovering drunk who wanted to put something on lay away and didnt know what. I told him I didnt feel good about it and why didnt he come back when things are a bit more together for him you know? He thought that was really cool and showed true aloha. Well perhaps... I just know that its wrong to take money from someone like that. They just want attention. He went over to the church and Pastor Bob was there so they could rap a bit, that is good.

    We have had a pounding rain all day. Woody was going to see a few people about a job beg if he must. Blast just ask or something. What ever. Likely he's at Cronies bar watching the baseball game. We are rooting for the Cubbies and the Red Soxx, Blast the curses all of them!! (after all we got the biggie last year with Angels winning the big one!)

    I know that things will be fine in my heart but wish things were a bit more steady you know what I mean.

    Ship Day

    This is my second attempt to post today. The 'puter at the store locked up and I wasnt able to do anything other than turn it off...such is life

    Today we had another ship in and we only had two ladies come up our way out of about 250 possible. We have got to figure out a way to encourage people to walk the few hundred yards further up to us...they wont be sorry.

    We had a few walkers come by before we were done setting up and we had a sale. They laughed as they are non observant Jews, from Philly,that bought our Israeli made Lux Aeterna Roman Glass, in Hawaii of all places. That sale brightened my outlook. But the thing with the cruise people bothered mestill as I feel that we really need that business.

    No word on Woody's job prospects. He went by the place he really wants to work at and he got sort of a cool response where it was warm last week... Not a good sign. I find it frightening.

    Instead of looking for another job, Woody went to the car and listened to baseball. I really don't think he has a clue about anything. We are two checks away from destitution and he lays there. When I try to speak to him about it he looks like a whipped puppy. I detest that. I never look like that. I see looking for a job as a challenge and you have to do it as it supplies the two things we enjoy the most.... Eating and sleeping indoors. Bahhh!!! (see the DancingRainGirl refrain from screaming and turn purple)...So...

    The afternoon brought two more sales small and a bit bigger one. It was nearly a 300.00 day. If every day was more like that I would feel a whole lot better... But its a matter of waiting and seeing how things go I think.

    The ship left as we were going home... When I was at the Black Pearl Gallery, I would love to see the Cruise Ships leave Hilo Bay. Its like a magical lighted parade float streaming by. So pretty. Woody liked it too.

    October 14, 2003

    Day Off

    I had a day off today sort of, I didn't have to go to town and I was able to get some of the paperwork done that I have not had the time to do in a while. We were in town yesterday as we had a ship in port...And yes we had a sale and we had more traffic than we've had in a while so this is good. I also had a chance to attend church across the street while Woody watched the shop. He offered, likely thought that I needed to repent of my evil ways which I do all the time. I enjoyed it. They sang songs that I knew. The room was a marvel an old wooden building that rang when we sang. I loved it.

    I miss not having that in my life, but I am afraid too. I have been so badly burnt by churches that I don't want to get too involved in one. Maybe one day this will ease up a bit and I will feel more free.

    John ran around a lot today and sprayed the weeds or rather he sprayed what we don't want to grow overmuch and get out of hand. That's true gardening here in Hawaii.

    Ship in tomorrow I surely hope to do well We need a few more sales to help the rapidly diminishing bottom line....If only my bottom line would vanish so quickly!

    October 12, 2003

    Enter In

    I have had another worship song in my head and I think it really is a message to me from God himself to remind me of what He has done in my life and how even when I was walking through unimaginable pain, He was with me. I heard it around the same time that I learned " I Will Trust in You" I don't have the music or I would credit the composer and even link up like I did last week with Duane Clark... I know that the great Fernando Ortega performed this song at the Calvary Chapel Worship Leaders Conference in the summer of 1996 which was the first time that I heard it.....The story behind the song was heart breaking...The writer (a poet and lyracist) lost her husband and child in an auto accident, she found out she was expecting soon after, but it was not to be and the babe that was to come was still born... It was said that the nurses in the maternity ward a few hours after the fruitless travail heard her singing softly....

    I Am the Good Shepard
    I laid down my life for you
    Enter in, Enter in, Enter in...
    I Am the Good Shepard
    As the Father knows me I know you
    I know you,I know you,I know you....

    And no one can take you away-
    And no one can take you away!

    You are The Good Shepard
    You laid down your life for me!
    I will enter in, Enter in , enter in...
    You are The Good Shepard
    As the Father knows you, You know Me
    You know me,You know Me, You know Me....

    And no one can take You away,
    Yes no one can take You away!

    Its a deceptively simple song, you might say "yeah so what"...But its the hardest thing in the world to just trust and "enter in"to what Gods plan is. And this is what you must do...What we all must do... Just as the sheep would enter the sheep fold ahead of the shepard so he could guard the rear, trusting in his direction, so I must trust...I am the worst at this. I want to know how things are going to work out all the time ahead of time yet God is here and He will not leave me or push me away, as has happened so often in my life.

    I don't know what is going to happen. The store, with Woody getting a job or anything but I need to remind myself that I can choose to enter in and not let things that really don't matter get me down so much. Because as the song says

    No one can take Him away!

    Later....I mentioned to Woody that I had used this song in my blog and he remembered that Jana Alexander wrote it. He also told me that he thought another guy wrote the song I used last week. So I checked it out and sure enough, its true, Kevin Green wrote it, so I will be ammending that days blog. Be blessed.....

    October 10, 2003

    Old Faces New Places

    Been busier at the Store and did a bit of business yesterday. Went dinner at Don's Grill,(please pass the nappikins as it is drip down da face good) and was way too late to blog when I got home.

    Opened the paper and saw a familiar face, Sian West-Morris, with whom I used to work at the Black Pearl Gallery on the bayfront, was in a article in the business section on her new store "PuaKenikeni Passions". Its a clothing and gift place. I am very glad for her, but also a bit jealous too. That s cause I've been in there and the place is wonderful, and because I am the sort that will make a unfavorable comparison,with my thing (whatever it is) losing out. This is bad thinking and I need to stop. I have the prettiest jewelry shop in Hilo bar none... I have not heard a bad thing said either to my face or behind my back either. Other than the location sucks and that can be overcome with a bit of patience. ( which of course is normally in short supply with me.)

    Ceceile, my former boss at BPG had told me that Sian was going to open a clothing store, I was sure when I walked in that this was Sooooo her...Everything in the pretty shop looked like it was something that she loved. I am so happy for her and proud of her that I could scream.

    Sian has seen a lot of bad stuff in her life and she has risen above it. I need to do that too. Starting with Woody. I found myself being really mad at him today and it was unwarranted to some degree. Soon he will be out of my hair at the store and doing his own thing and that will be good. Sian has not been afraid to take a risk, I need to be like her and just charge ahead and know that I have done my level best to make it and if I fail it will not be because I didn't work hard enough or smart enough. I have done everything and so has Woody. I need to ease up a bit.

    Funny how BPG and how they treated us spawned two of Hilo's newest trendiest places to shop???Watch out Hilo here we come!!!

    October 07, 2003

    Blue Hawaii

    Been busy so no blogging. Yesterday we drove up to Laupahoehoe and to the town of Honoka'a. It was stunningly beautiful and we took lots of pics and we will be getting them on the web for you all to look at. I saw how incredible Hawaii is again and again. As the wind whipped waves beat against Laupahoehoe Point, you could see a spectrum of shades of blue. I so enjoyed being close to the ocean. When I am near it I feel like I can touch that part of me that is so stuffed away due to this marriage and trouble I am in. It is that part of me that was once in lockstep with God, now I don't know how I am.

    Woody wasn't going to go out and look for work today, so I booted him out. I cant have him here just sitting around Hes got to look for work and get some asap. We did had some young people com and pick up their wedding ring so we wont get stiffed this week. I took the funds and paid for the earrings from "Twinflies" that we cant keep in the store. I bought way way too much inventory but that cant be helped now. I think that Ebay is an answer. Need to get rid of this stuff (so I can buy more stuff LOL)

    W are going to try to get out more and see the countryside and not spend so much time indoors on the weekends. I sware that I will find someone to help me with the store in a few months and Iwill be able to get out and enjoy some time alone again.

    Looking at other Blogs. Very interesting and I am looking forward to seeing more and visiting some regularly.

    Later....We did have a few more people come in and look around. No Cruise ship people... What if that turns out to not be the gold mine people think that it is. ...I hate the idea that I will be so dependent on the holidays...I was hoping to get things on a better footing.

    When we were in Honoka'a, we went to see the seamstress auntie that is famous all over for her aloha wear she custom makes. She made some beautiful shirts for Woody two years ago. She told me that to worry about each days sales is a great mistake. Weekly monthly or quarterly better. I will try to take her advice and try to be a bit more calm about it all. Nene has beenaround a long time she knows a lot and her advise will be taken.

    Woody went out and has some leads on work. I will push him out tomorrow too I think that this is good for both of us

    October 05, 2003

    When No Fruit is on the Vine.....

    Today's title is from a song that means a lot to me...Though I've not had a chance to sing it much lately. It was written by a guy named Duane ClarkeI knew him in California, once upon a time I too was a Worship Leader in the Calvary Chapel movement, but that was a long time ago and in a life far far away from where I am now...It makes me sad that its this way and I wish it was different. The why of it is a long story which I will save for another days blogging.
    I was thinking of this song yesterday. Its been glorious weather wise in Hilo, there have been three cruise ships in this week. We have not had one sale. Only one or two lookers. Its very discouraging. We had two young couples in yesterday. They were desperately searching for something like a charm, that said "Hawaii" on it. I have such a thing in my own collection, an antique, but nothing for sale. They are nearing the end of their Hawaiian journey. I gave each of the gals one of our ring boxes. They are navy Blue sateen with a velvet top over laid with a sateen bow. Inside is white satin and Azure Seas Jewelry, Hilo Hawaii USA in gold letters. They said it was the nicest box they had ever seen in a jewelry store. I know that they will keep it, that was the intent. I also gave them a brochure with our web address on it. The boxes are expensive, I was hoping that this would encourage the guys to fill the box with something. It didn't happen. Woody who watched me do this said it was the best attempt at a sale he'd ever seen. I know it.

    I know that I have done all that I can to make this business a success. I know that I have the best product, for the best prices, for this market. I have good advertising, good presence in the community, and even the residents of the Cunningham have been peaceful and left us along since the "Miss Bike" episode. It was a lovely day yesterday and the day before. No reason at all that things should have been so quiet...

    I know You can do all things...
    You have been Faithful and True...
    You are my Sovereign Lord and King...
    I will not fear what man can do...

    When no fruit is on the vine,
    I will trust in You, I will trust in You.
    This life is no longer mine,
    I will trust in You , I will trust in You.

    I have not said much about my faith in Jesus in this Blog. There hasn't been a lot of time yet. I am a Born Again Believer in Jesus. I have been through a lot in "church" and have yet to find a place to call home here in Hawaii. It is not easy.

    I have seen so many of my dreams die on that empty vine. Even to the branch (me) nearly dying on the Vine (Jesus)... It is the most painfilled thing in the world to suffer in the silence of having to believe and not being able to know for sure that what you are doing or have done is right. I have watched friends abandon me, family desert me, husband be absurdly not a husband, a barren womb, yet here I am trying to blindly trust...knowing that He can do all things...I need to wait for that day.

    I am running out of money...Its very frightening. I have a huge amount of inventory that is not moving. I have no experience in running a business. I have little help in anything I do.

    I have health issues, that stress make worse. Again another day of blogging for that. I cant go with out rest. And so being open more hours is not an answer.

    I feel like I am not appreciated by Woody and not needed by him. I feel like his Mother not his wife. If only he would hug me once in a while, or tell me he believes in me. Instead I feel like if I fail I will be the villain instead of a hero for trying...

    When no fruit is on the vine....

    The emptiness of that statement. Farmers planting a crop, to have a drought burn it up, a tornado rip it up, a flood wash it out, or a market glutted with it to the point you cant afford to harvest so you plow it up yourself. I've known people that have done that. And not just farmers either.

    I've known people who have cannibalized their own businesses to keep their lives going. My first husband did that to our business....I think that is what Woody planned to do. So I bought inventory in advance. Used up my reserves. So he will have to get a job. It was a bold move and it angered him, that's why my theory has validity.

    Please God, one good sale. I find myself praying for it all the time. So hard to trust and just do my best when given a chance. Its really hard.

    I will trust in You, I will trust in You.
    This life is no longer mine
    I will trust in You, I will trust in You....

    Sunday 10-12 I have been informed that Kevin Green wrote this lovely song...been too long away from praise and worship... Sorry Duane and Kevin wil try to be more careful next time.

    October 04, 2003

    The Friday Five

    I found this on a blog I checked out and said Id answer it

    1. What vehicle do you drive? A teal Green 1994 Chrysler LHS

    2. How long have you had it? 5 years

    3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle? Very Comfy Seats. Nicest car Ive ever owned inside.

    4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle? The Finish is fading in the Hawaiian sun, Too big for my tiny Hawaiian garage. This car was an import from LA when we moved here 2 years ago.

    5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now? Chrysler PT Cruiser...may be a possiblity as Woody may be going to work for the Chrysler Store here on the Island Yippee!

    October 03, 2003

    Missed Sales

    We missed a big sale this morning. A middle aged guy came in to buy a belated birthday gift for his wife. Woody did show the guy stuff but not in his usual great form and as things were deteriorating, for some reason known only to God, he said something about Kobe Bryant. Why he would mention that cheating fool is beyond me, but that clenched the "none sale" and the guy left, never to return I suppose.

    I was so mad that my eyes were bugging out. As I may have said before I have this anger problem...Woody and I are Ice and Fire...I managed to not scream at him until he seemed to say something like "Well if you had stepped up and sold him I wouldnt have made a damn fool of myself" Wrong!!!! I blew my stack! I told him that he did the worst job of "romancing" the product ever and that if he wanted to sell a hesitant, but romantic guy mentioning Kobe wasnt the way. In fact one should strive to make the experience the most plesant possible so people will want to return...no chance of that when for some stupid "not a brain in my head" reason you equate a loving gesture of a faithful guy to the "sleezbag of 2003, Let me buy you a 2 million dollar purple diamond ring cause I cheated on you and you gotta stand by me so I wont go to jail for 20 years" gesture. I wanted to show my Aloha by wrapping a chair around Woody's wooden head.

    That was a 900.00 sale out the door and it didnt have to go down that way. I told him that it was really time for him to get out there and get a job. Starting tomarrow, hes to hit the bricks. No more waiting for something to fall into his lap. He has to get a job. I will not go without and be a "blue tarp" person, cause he wont try and get a job. This store isnt big enough for both of us.

    It was never ment to be. This is my thing. Woody has to accept that. This is my baby I created Azure Seas, its mine.

    And so it goes. Woody saw a old carlot customer walk by and he stopped in. Woody wasn't able to sell the guy, but I did and then upsold him. No it wasnt a big sale, but it was something. Thank God for the small ones they make the big ones seem bigger.

    Sales come and go. We are a low pressure, low markup, feel good sort of place. I need to earn a living, but I also want to create an atmosphere that is filled with Aloha. I want people to be happy when they come and when they go, that cant happen when you talk of bad things. This is a part of my home that is slightly detached from the rest. I miss my kitties they would make it puurrffeect.


    John had a third interview today at a place here in Hilo. They are filling about 6 different jobs he ought to get one of them. Three interviews??? more like five or six will take place. Why? As I said in previous posts the ICE thing makes for difficulty in hiring so they test you, and see if you are motivated to pursue a job. They do a huge background check and verify references. It really helps if you are related to the family or know someone that way they can forgo some of the checking, but it makes it nearly impossible for the newcommer to get a real job here. I know I have yet to get a serious interview in any of my fields of expertise. Being a large, loud, outspoken and knowledgable female doesnt help either. Perhaps I have missed a few sales myself???

    I worked on my Blog. Got some great links now and will be deleting my Zonkboard. I dont want to pay for it. I will be adding a link to Aloha Joe Net Radio so you can get your fix of Island music anytime you Blog in!

    October 02, 2003

    The Mad House

    I haven't decided who is crazier, the people (?) who live in the flop house that is located behind us in this building that houses the store, or me who decided last year that I could over come the difficulties and make use of the cheap rent here. Not to mention the fact that it is nearly impossible for anyone to find a store front so close to the Bayfront, which is the main shopping area for the visiting tourists. I pay 275.00 a month for 200 sq ft. Walk out my door and look to the left and Hilo bay is a short walk away. Look to the right and you can see the lower slopes of Mauna Kea. Its a pretty sight. I have had fun making this little spot my own, and the store is doing well. Its the nut cases that drive me crazy, both the bonafide crazy and the locals ie people of mixed Hawaiian ancestry that as so slow that when you talk to them they nod but then do nothing about what you said. We had a local chick todaywho didn't get why we didn't want her to not leave her bike in front of our door...Literally you couldn't walk out the door as it blocked the way, and why we didn't want her leaning on the front window, not looking in, but with her butt to us. She got all crazy when Woody talked to her I finally got the camera took pics of the scene which pissed her off more, then in my " drill instructor" voice told her to "Move It!" She cussed threatened and screamed at us all the way down the block. Too bad I didn't have a tape recorder.
    The land lord has told us to let him know about this stuff and we do. They kick people out of here a lot but there is a waiting list for this luxury resort,called the Cunningham, 8 by 10 foot rooms where you share a bath down the hall, no kitchen or anything. What do the landlords get for this palace? 400.00 a month. Sort of unbelievable to me.
    ICE, or Crystal Meth amphetamine, is the drug of choice here and in all of the islands. Its a dirty little secret that there is a lot of talk about but no one seems to be doing much about it. It costs a ton of money to rehab a ICE head, and its a highly unsuccessful proposition. One try and your hooked a few weeks at it and you don't care about anything else. There are people here who have lots a lifetime of work, family (which is everything here the Ohana concept) for ICE. Reports of relatives that came looking for family members that they'd not heard from in a while to find babies that have died of starvation in their cribs, starving kids and filth like you cant imagine the parents are ICE heads and they don't care about anything but where they are going to get the money to buy their next hit. They get the cash from stealing out of tourist cars and easy to rob houses... People here are so trusting that they don't lock up... It is said that 1 out of ever 20 people here on the Big Island under the age of 40 is hooked on ICE. To look at Hilo, you might agree. At least at downtown, which is where we are.
    The denizens of the Cunningham, I think a lot of them are rehabs. Or Drunks. Woody just went across the street to try to talk to a couple that beat on each other. It really hard. I wish hed just call the police... But like he says they don't do anything about it they just let stuff go. No place in the jail for wife beaters, they say... No room. Too much other stuff to punish... Ugh.
    And so it goes.
    The Super just came in to talk to us about Miss Bike...Seems she is pretty bent out of shape...Im bent out of shape for her obtuseness and for Woody trying to have to explain everything to everyone... Ugh.. Defend your territory and shut up is my motto.

    Got to run to the post office so later gators yah

    Setting up the Blog

    Im reformatting my blog and reskinning itso I have a great new look and I am putting in a bunch of new links for all of you hawaii fans. I am about the worst at this so if it looks funny please dont laugh I am doing the best I can.
    Slowed way down at the store again. I spent the entire afternoon on the blog which annoyed hubby to no end Im sure. He is not looking forward to having to go out there and get a job, but the old unemployment is running out so I think its time he gets out there and hits the bricks...Me I am praying that I will be able to start to get paid before the end of .... oh Lord I dont know if this is going to work out or not It just seems like I cant sell enough to pay all of the bills....So much for my business plan Ugh!...
    I love my shop though and I feel like it was an accomplishment to just get this far let alone to be perhaps making a go of things. Christmas is comming Imsure things will be all right.

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